Welcome to Kawahara Nurseries!

As one of the premiere bedding plant growers in California, Kawahara Nurseries is proud to introduce you to our unique nursery.

Kawahara Nurseries is a private, wholesale bedding plant grower, and we take pride in being able to bring our quality plants to your local retailer. Our nurseries are located in the South Bay area, where we grow plants locally so that they are acclimated to Northern California area climates. Our growing standards are of the highest quality; fertilizer, soil mix, seeds, and our greenhouses are consistently measured for optimum success and performance.

At Kawahara Nurseries, we are dedicated to quality in all of our annual bedding plants, herbs, perennials, potted crops, and vegetables. Consistently searching and testing new hybrids for the best performance in the Northern California area is part of what makes Kawahara Nursery one of the best nurseries in the state.

The extensive variety of plants that we grow at Kawahara Nurseries makes us a bit different in the nursery industry. Not only do we grow a wide range of plants, but we also grow a huge assortment of species of plants, making us stand out from the rest. One of our philosophies is that our customers can recognize new and exciting varieties of usually generic plants, such as petunias, lobelia, impatiens, and more. We offer a grand assortment of beautiful, new varieties every season for the Northern California area gardener.

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